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Serve Up Success with BiteGenius

by Optimus

The Restaurant Management Accelerator

You're busy running your restaurant and don't want to spend ages on setting up a new management solution. That's why we've got your back with our Optimus solution. It's made for restaurants like yours and you can get it up and running in just 4-6 weeks. We've included all the features our clients love, so you can manage your business more efficiently than ever before!

Do you feel identified?

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Struggling with food waste due to surplus purchases or prepping?

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Curious about how can you control food and supply costs while still offering high-quality products?

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Finding it challenging to differentiate your restaurant from competitors in a crowded market?

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Are you experiencing challenges in making informed, real-time Decisions because your restaurant's information is not in your system or is fragmented across multiple platforms?

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Would you like for your accounting, recipe management, meal planning, business intelligence, purchasing, delivery, pickup and restaurant POS to be one system instead of many platforms?

Serve Up Success with BiteGenius

by Optimus

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With BiteGenius by Optimus Restaurants can easily:

  • Integrate accounting, sales, purchases, inventory,
    and customer transaction information.

  • Control prices, recipes, menus, offers, and campaigns
    from a single

  • Optimize product turnover by driving sales through
    campaigns and offers.

  • Analyze real-time revenues and costs to quickly identify
    trends and opportunities.

  • Track employee performance and communicate clearly
    with them.

  • Generate real-time reports on customer transactions and
    inventory movements, consolidated and by location.

  • Add new locations easily and efficiently.

  • Streamline decision-making with real-time reports, such
    as X and Z reports, customer transactions, and inventory,
    consolidated and by location.

What's in it for you with BiteGenius by Optimus?



A solution built on a world-class platform that is

optimized with features our clients love, which

reduces implementation time, provides

predictable project investment costs and

offers ongoing enhancements and




BiteGenius by Optimus is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and powered by LS Retail.

Are you ready to find out what BiteGenius by Optimus

can do for your restaurant?

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