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Fast, Flexible Financial and
Business Reporting Inside
of Excel

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Are Your Reporting Processes
Negatively Impacting Your
Bottom Line?

No more waiting on consultants or resource-strapped IT departments to get you the reports you need. With Jet Reports, there are no hard-coding or programming skills required so your team can explore data and create or modify reports on their own. And Jet Custom data entities provide easy transaction level detail unavailable in the standard Dynamics entities.

Manual Processing is Time Consuming

Your most valuable resources are spending too much time copying and pasting in order to compile or reconcile the information they need.

Humans are Inherently Error Prone

We’re all a little flawed, and that’s ok, but your
data shouldn’t be. Inaccurate reports impact
your business success with costly errors.

Not Everyone is a Technical Guru

Your people need to be empowered to make
decisions, but your complex environment is
holding back the data they need.

All of Your Financials Inside Excel with the Click of a Button

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