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Optimus' National Accounts

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you dealing with customers who have multiple subsidiaries, franchises, stores, or retail companies? Is your collection department spending excessive time applying sales payments or credit memos to different customer balances? Optimus' National Accounts is here to help you save time and effort by simplifying collections across a group of companies. Say goodbye to the hassles of reclassifying payments or creating credit memos!

Optimus' National Accounts is particularly beneficial

for companies with customers belonging to groups of companies. It enables you to keep track of accounts receivable for each third party in detail, while any subsidiary company within the same group can

make payments to your company, ensuring

the accurate application of funds.

Additionally, you can generate comprehensive

reports and export them to gain an overview of balances for each national account on a global

level or delve into the details of each sales document.

How does Optimus' National Accounts work?

It's simple. You can effortlessly link multiple-child customers to single-parent customers. Once the national account relationship is established, cash received from the parent customer can be easily

applied to the invoices of any customer within the national account.

With this feature, there's no need to go through the trouble of reclassifying payments or creating credit memos to switch customers or modifying payment applications.

This functionality is beneficial for companies that have customers belonging to groups of companies. It enables them to keep track of the accounts receivable of each third party in detail during any subsidiary company. Furthermore, you can generate and export reports that provide an overview of balances for each national account globally or in detail for each sales document.

National Accounts Features

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Customer list with New

Fields of National Accounts

National Accounts Fields on Customer Card

National Accounts List

National Accounts Reports

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Apply for Customer National Accounts Entries

Aged National Accounts Receivable

National Accounts Listing

National Accounts Statistics

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