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How much time and effort do your teams waste due to a lack of centralized project visibility?

Are inefficient resource management practices hindering your company's ability to assign the right resources to projects, resulting in conflicts, decreased productivity, and missed deadlines?

How much more efficient and successful could your projects be if you had seamless communication and collaboration across teams, eliminating fragmented channels and enabling real-time collaboration tools?


This is a powerful project management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Leveraging the vast scaling power of the Platform, Optimus PABS incorporates best practice process flows, hundreds of highly requested enhancements, and powerful integrations to streamline your operations effectively.

Optimize your project management with the following key features:


Efficiently schedule and allocate resources for your projects, ensuring optimal utilization and productivity.
Keep a detailed track of your resources' skills, easily assign tasks, track availability, and ensure the right resources are assigned to the right projects at the right time.


Effortlessly manage the entire project lifecycle - from planning and resource assignments to time tracking and invoicing.

Streamline customer subscription management and service configuration.

Expand your pipeline through effective marketing campaign planning, improve forecasting accuracy, track progress through goal setting, and streamline the sales order process.

Process agreements in minutes with seamless DocuSign integration, ensuring swift and efficient contract management.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team using Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp.

Empower your communications with integrated Artificial Intelligence, unlocking new possibilities for smarter and more effective interactions.

Make managing people easier with onboarding workflows, streamlined time entries, and efficient management of personal time off

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Unlock the potential of end-to-end project lifecycle management with our comprehensive solution. Request a Demo or Contact our Sales Expert by visiting:

Why choose OPTIMUS PABS?

  • Enhance project visibility and project tracking

  • Optimize resource allocation and avoid resource conflict

  • Boost productivity and meet deadlines

  • Streamline communication and collaboration

  • Overcome fragmented communication channels

  • Real-time collaboration tools for efficient teamwork

  • Seamless project opportunities, contract management and project lifecycle

  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with best practice process flows

  • Powerful integrations for enhanced funcionality

  • Reliable support and assistance from our sales experts

Unlock the potential of end-to-end project lifecycle management with our comprehensive solution.

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