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3 more ways restaurants can stay profitable during inflation times “Leverage technology to offset la

Updated: Mar 20

One of the toughest challenges for restaurant owners facing an inflated market is also having a shortage of staff. According to Restaurants Canada, over 80% of food service operators are having trouble hiring kitchen staff, and 67% can’t fill serving, bartending, and hosting positions. The situation is very similar all over the world, but the lack of employees doesn’t have to threaten the csuccess of your restaurant business.

To combat hiring difficulties, many restaurants are turning to technology to fill in the gaps. One of the ways they’re leveraging technology is by adding self-service kiosks/tablets or QR codes into their venues. Having a POS system that mirrors your menu, or ditching printable menus for a scannable QR code at the table, can take loads of pressure off front-of-house staff and simplify ordering for your guests. Not to mention, if you also connect your front-of house with your kitchen, orders will get sent straight from the POS (or ordering kiosks) to the kitchen without your employees needing to jot down every item a customer wants. This way, your staff can have a manageable workflow and put more focus on things like customer needs and keeping the restaurant floor tidy to make full use of their time.

But that’s not all. Restaurant owners should also be thinking about the type of staff management software they’re using and consider how it’s benefiting their employees. Are they getting the proper number of hours? Is one employee working too much or too little? How can you track vacations to make sure you won’t be left with even less employees during a specific week, or know when to call in an employee due to another being sick? If your system includes smart staff management functionality, it will help you optimize your scheduling capabilities, as well as let your staff easily register vacation/sick days, switch shifts with other team members, request more time, and get a clear picture of their working days.

Source: LS Retail

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