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3 more ways restaurants can stay profitable during inflation times “Reward customer loyalty”

Updated: Mar 20

As a restaurant owner, it’s sometimes hard to avoid raising prices on the menu when your own costs have gone up. But you can still show customers you want to give them a good deal by introducing a loyalty program that gives them benefits and encourages repeat business.

A recent report from Paytronix and PYMNTS found that 47% of diners now use at least one loyalty program and about 60% of them said they would purchase more from other restaurants if they also had a loyalty program in place. Customers want to feel recognized for their business, and a strong loyalty program can encourage them to sign up and gain rewards. You want to make sure that the loyalty program you implement at your restaurant is easy to sign up for and is simple to navigate, ensuring that anyone, anywhere, anytime can register to redeem offers and you can build brand loyalty quickly and efficiently.

And one of the biggest advantages you’ll have with a loyalty program is the access to valuable customer data that can show you who your returning customers are and how they utilize loyalty in your restaurant. By identifying patterns, preferences, and purchase history, you can send customers targeted discounts and promotions that fit their dining habits and incentivize them to come back. You can also let customers redeem points to receive special menu items/offers or get money off their next order – something that’s available only to loyalty members will convince customers they’re getting an exclusive deal, and they’ll be more likely to use it during their next visit to your restaurant.

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