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Optimus Business Transformation Named in 2024 University of Florida TOP 100 businesses (Gator100)

Big news!  Hector Negron, CEO / Founder of Optimus Business Transformation LLC, has been recognized with a prestigious award from the 2024 University of Florida’s Top 100 list! 

"It's an incredible honor to be recognized by the University of Florida and Ernst & Young in our Gator100 for our journey," says Hector Negron, Optimus' CEO and Founder. "Our dedicated team has poured their hearts into crafting innovative solutions for our clients. This recognition speaks volumes about their unwavering dedication."

Since 2010, Optimus has been a trailblazer in Technology, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence solutions across eight dynamic industries expanding from the USA, Caribbean, Asia, and into Europe.

Join the excitement as the Gator100 celebrates the best of UF-associated businesses. With a network boasting approximately 500,000 students and alumni, UF continues to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Stay tuned for the grand celebration—it's going to be legendary! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the award ceremony.

Last year Optimus was part of this big event.

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