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Optimus Business Transformation Reaffirms Microsoft´s Recent Price Increase on its Products

Optimus Business Transformation

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Optimus Business Transformation would like to reiterate the announcement from Microsoft about the changes in the commercial pricing of their Microsoft products. These product lines include Microsoft 365, Office 365, Renewals for Microsoft Dynamics products, and Enterprise Mobility and Security. This increase in pricing ranges between 10% - 33% for some products.

These pricing changes were announced over a year ago to take effect in March 2023. However, Optimus, in its efforts to assist our customers, has not increased these prices until now.

To standardize pricing around the globe, Microsoft has taken a regular twice-a-year review cadence. In the evaluation process, Microsoft considers up-to-date market conditions, inflation, and R&D invested. Optimus has tried for a year to shield our customers from these increases, but we can no longer function in this capacity.

Microsoft has already explained that leaders around the world look to empower their people for a more flexible, hybrid world of work. Every organization will need a new operating model across people, places, and processes. These pricing updates build on the product innovation which Microsoft has delivered over the past decade with new version updates and releases, along with added functionalities and capabilities like data loss prevention for documents and emails, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, ChatGPT integration, attack surface reduction and encryption capabilities for messaging to name a few.

Please see the news links below for further information from Microsoft, third-party analysts, and other market influencers.

Dr. Vishal Ramnarine

Vice President of Operations, Sales, and Marketing

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