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Optimus Business Transformation Strengthens Partnership with Aptean through New VAR Contract

Optimus Business Transformation Strengthens Partnership with Aptean through New VAR Contract

[Miami, October 31, 2023] – Optimus Business Transformation, a leading provider of business solutions and consultancy services, is pleased to announce the signing of a new Value-Added Reseller (VAR) contract with Aptean, a global provider of industry-specific software solutions. This strategic partnership will enable Optimus Business Transformation to continue offering the cutting-edge Drink-IT solution while exploring opportunities to expand its product portfolio to include other innovative Aptean offerings.

The Drink-IT solution, a flagship product of Aptean, has been a cornerstone of Optimus Business Transformation's comprehensive suite of business transformation tools. Drink-IT's specialized focus on the beverage industry has empowered clients to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. This new VAR contract solidifies Optimus Business Transformation's commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that address its clients' unique challenges in the beverage sector.

Under the terms of this renewed partnership, Optimus Business Transformation gains the potential to explore and sell other solutions offered by Aptean. This strategic move aligns with Optimus Business Transformation's mission to provide end-to-end business transformation services that catalyze efficiency, innovation, and success for its diverse clientele.

"We are excited to reinforce our collaboration with Aptean through this new VAR contract," said Hector Negron, CEO at Optimus Business Transformation. "The Drink-IT solution has consistently delivered exceptional value to our clients, and we look forward to expanding our offerings to include other robust solutions from Aptean. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to delivering tailored, industry-specific solutions that drive tangible results for our clients."

"Optimus Business Transformation's dedication to providing specialized solutions aligns perfectly with Aptean's mission of empowering businesses with industry-specific software," said Sandy Williams, SVP of Professional Services at Aptean. "We are delighted to continue our collaboration, offering comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to achieve operational excellence and drive growth in a competitive landscape."

Optimus Business Transformation and Aptean are committed to innovation, client satisfaction, and the pursuit of excellence. By leveraging Aptean's cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, Optimus Business Transformation is poised to amplify its ability to meet the evolving needs of its clients and provide comprehensive solutions that foster business growth and resilience.

About Optimus Business Transformation:

As a business consulting and enterprise technology provider, Optimus applies leading technology platforms to support our client's business transformation needs through innovation and proven tactics. Optimus provides 'On-premise' and 'Cloud-Based' ERP, CRM, BI, WMS, Unified Commerce, POS, eCommerce, and Mobile applications. Optimus is based in Florida, working with direct and affiliate locations in over twenty countries and cities across the USA, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Europe.

About Aptean:

Aptean is a global provider of industry-specific software solutions designed to help businesses achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and drive growth. With expertise in numerous industries, Aptean delivers tailored, comprehensive solutions that empower organizations to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and make informed decisions.

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