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Unlock the Power of the Cloud: Seamless Transition from Dynamics On-Prem with Our Promo

AIM to the future with Microsoft

The new AIM campaign positions partners to serve as trusted advisors, offering Dynamics customers a tailored path to the cloud. Learn more in our FAQ and on-demand Inspire session.



Bridge to the Cloud 2 migration promotion

With the Bridge to the Cloud 2 offer, any eligible Dynamics on-premises commercial customers can receive a 40% discount during a 3-year term when migrating to most Dynamics 365 online products licensed through an eligible partner-led NCE subscription. For partners, this is not only an opportunity to accelerate the migration journey and increase revenue, but also an opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition and gain cloud attribution revenue toward Solution Designation incentives.

CSP-EP to Dynamics Business Central (online) Special Offer

This 1-year term offer assists customers migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central (online) from legacy CSP Business Central “CSP-EP” SKUs. Customers can receive a 40% discount when they move from the CSP-EP SKUs to the CSP-EP to Dynamics Business Central (online) (CSP2BC) SKUs. Only partners servicing customers who already have CSP-EP offer subscriptions may order this specialized offer (SO). Offer eligible for up to 2 discounted annual renewals depending on the date of enrollment.






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