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Efficient Hospitality Solutions for Your Business

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Maximize Hospitality Operations: Harness Microsoft Software and Cutting-Edge Hardware for Seamless Efficiency and Business Triumph

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Companies Using our Solutions

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Transform Your Hospitality Business with Comprehensive Optimus Solutions for Unmatched Excellence

Unleash Unmatched Efficiency: Elevate Your Business with Our All-in-One Software Platform for Hospitality. Seamless POS, ERP, Loyalty, and Omnichannel Retail Integration Trusted by Global Hotels. Take Control, Boost Customer Loyalty, Streamline Operations, and Optimize Pricing for Physical and Online Processes.

Our Hospitality Solutions is ideal for





Hospitality software that grows with your business


Seamless Operations and Customer Delight:

Experience a 360° perspective on customers and absolute command over hospitality operations with Optimus. Boost customer loyalty, streamline processes, and achieve comprehensive pricing and promotions optimization for a holistic business strategy.


Tailored Solutions for the Hospitality Sector:

Unlock industry-specific functionalities, such as scale integration, electronic shelf labels, and automated discounts on perishable items. Enhance operations with contactless shopping, self-service checkouts, click-and-collect, and the ScanPayGo app for hassle-free mobile checkout.


Efficient Process Management and Robust Tools:

Effortlessly manage grocery processes with Optimus, armed with essential tools to provide optimal value and service to customers. From maintaining a detailed overview of physical and online stores to executing personalized campaigns and promotions, optimize your business for sustainable success.


Casa del Café chose LS Retail software solutions

"We were on a tight schedule for this project, but SaaS technology greatly sped up the process, this also provided us with valuable experience for future migration to SaaS in Nicaragua."

Casa del Café


Find your hospitality software solution

Whichever your goals are, our software solutions can help you get there

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Dynamics CRM:

Centralize customer data, streamline operations, and enhance personalized marketing for superior customer engagement and loyalty.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Unify operations, optimize inventory management, and gain superior financial control for streamlined and efficient hospitality operations.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot:

Access intelligent insights, collaboration tools, and data-driven decision-making for heightened productivity and efficiency in the Hospitality industry.

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