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Copilot for Microsoft 365

Thousands of skills. All your data. Infinite possibilities for your organization.

Copilot for ​Microsoft 365

$30 USD

per user/

Copilot ​for Service

$50 USD

per user/

Copilot ​for Sales

$50 USD

per user/

Copilot is transforming how we work

Early data shows the impact of Copilot on productivity, creativity, and time.

70% of people using Copilot said they were more productive.

People using Copilot caught up on a missed meeting four times faster.

77% of people who used Copilot said once they used it, they didn't want to give it up​.

Foundational capabilities​



Copilot for ​
Microsoft 365


Copilot ​
for Sales


Copilot ​
for Service


Web grounding​

Commercial data protection​

Enterprise-grade data protection​

Graph grounding​

Microsoft 365 Apps​

Copilot Studio​

Role specific capabilities​

Add Copilot to your Microsoft plan Contact us today and add Copilot to your existing enterprise subscription.

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