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Serve Up Success
with BiteGenius
by Optimus

You're busy running your restaurant and don't want to spend ages setting up a new management solution. That's why we've got your back with our Optimus solution. It's made for restaurants like yours and you can get it up and running in just 4-6 weeks. We've included all the features our clients love, so you can manage your business more efficiently than ever before!

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With BiteGenius by

Optimus Restaurants can easily:

  • Integrate accounting, sales, purchases, inventory,
    and customer transaction information.

  • Control prices, recipes, menus, offers, and campaigns
    from a single location.

  • Optimize product turnover by driving sales through
    campaigns and offers.

  • Analyze real-time revenues and costs to quickly identify
    trends and opportunities.

  • Track employee performance and communicate clearly
    with them.

  • Generate real-time reports on customer transactions and
    inventory movements, consolidated and by location.

  • Add new locations easily and efficiently.

  • Streamline decision-making with real-time reports, such
    as X and Z reports, customer transactions, and inventory,
    consolidated and by location.

What's in it for you with BiteGenius by Optimus?

Enhance your staff’s performance, offer exceptional customer service and increase sales and loyalty.


  • Manage your staff effectively

  • Always have the right products in-store

  • Increase your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from your POS

  • Diminish stock-outs

  • Sell faster and more

  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage

  • Cut staff training times

  • Increase loyalty across the channels

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