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Believe in the power of transformation?

We do too.  Help us change the world.

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"For every hour's earnings and for each software sale that generates revenue, a portion of our earnings is directly allocated to support children in need through our donations. Being engaged in assisting less fortunate children has long been a personal aspiration of mine. Now, I am grateful to witness that every endeavor we undertake with Optimus will make a difference in the lives of others."

Hector Negron

How it Works:

All donations will be allocated to countries where our employees and clients reside. Rather than being channeled through an institution, donations will involve the active participation of a diverse group consisting of client personnel, suppliers, employees, and partners. Suggestions for potential donation opportunities will be put forth by employees and partners, which will then be assessed and voted on by an external committee comprising non-Optimus stakeholders. This process aims to guarantee that our donations are distributed in a meaningful and equitable manner.

Our first Optimus Kids Activity. Supporting 70 children affected by Hurricane Maria.

January 2018 – Puerto Rico 

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Niños felices

Do you want to join?

We would love for you and your company to join us in making the lives of children better across the Americas.
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