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Optimus Kids

We Believe in the Power Of Giving

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A Dream Come True

“With every hour’s earnings and for every software sale generating revenue, children in need, receive through our donations a direct percentage of our earnings. Being Involved in helping less fortunate children has always been a dream of mine. Now, I am fortunate to see that every effort we put into Optimus, will help others.”

How it works:

Every donation will be tied to countries where our employees and clients are located. Donations will not go to an institution but rather will incorporate the direct involvement of a mix of client personnel, suppliers, employees, and partners. Employees and Partners will propose various opportunities for our contribution that an external committee of non-Optimus stakeholders will evaluate and vote on to ensure our donations are meaningfully and justly allocated. 

January 2018 – Puerto Rico

Our first Optimus Kids Activity. Supporting 70 children affected by Hurricane Maria.

Niños leyendo la Santa Biblia

Do you want to join?

We would love for you and your company to join us in making the lives of children better across the Americas.
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