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Streamline the Budgeting
Process in Microsoft Dynamics 

Does Your Current Approach to Budgeting Feel Disorganized and Flawed?

Microsoft Dynamics Isn't Made to Control the Budgeting Process

Between design, collaboration, approvals, and execution, there are numerous moving parts to the budgeting process that start before you can get the numbers into Microsoft Dynamics.

Manual Spreadsheets are Full of Errors and Impossible to Reconcile

Microsoft Excel is a familiar tool, but disparate spreadsheets can't be regulated. Manual data input is risky and takes a lot of time from high-value resources to resolve.

Your People Are Burning Out on Time-Consuming Tasks

A chaotic, disorganized approach to budgeting sucks time from managers and executives who should be building and executing effective strategies, not collecting and reconciling spreadsheets.

Cut Your Budget Time in Half with Automated Workflows

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