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Grow your business with a unified leasing platform

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Suitable for these industries: 

  • Automotive Leasing  

  • Equipment Leasing  

  • Independent Leasing Companies 

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Built on a Powerful Foundation: 

SOFT4Leasing is built on the world-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system.

Financial Management •
Supply Chain Management •
Customer Relationship Management •
Human Resource Management •


• Lease Management
• Tenant Management
• CAM distribution
• Building Maintenance
• Reporting


  • Consolidated Data, Effortless Access: Manage leases, accounting (lease & financial), CRM, and documents seamlessly in one place. Say goodbye to scattered information! 

  • Reporting Made Simple: Generate reports quickly and easily for internal management and financial authorities. Gain instant insights you need. 

  • Financial Clarity: Track profitability and key financial indicators for all financial products and business activities. Make informed decisions with a clear view of your financial health. 

  • Transparency & Efficiency: Experience a new level of transparency and efficiency in your daily leasing operations. Streamline workflows and optimize processes. 

  • Enhanced Speed and Responsiveness: Boost processing speed and minimize response times to inquiries. Improve customer satisfaction with faster turnaround. 

  • Reduced Costs & Increased Productivity: Save time and money on document filing and lease contract retrieval. Increase administrative productivity and free up valuable resources. 

  • Eliminate Errors & Misplacement: 

Say goodbye to repetitive data entry errors and lost documents. Ensure data accuracy and improve organization. 

Ready to unlock a new era of streamlined leasing operations and maximized returns? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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