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Case Story: Constructora Bolívar's Journey with

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Founded in 1973, the company had a rich history of building residential, commercial, office, and infrastructure projects across  most of Colombia. With a commitment to innovation, quality, social and environmental responsibility, Constructora Bolívar aimed to transform urban spaces and ensure customer satisfaction.

Among its notable projects were the Gran Estación Shopping Center, the Connecta business complex, the Torres de San Marcos residential complex, the Elemento office building, and even the Divercity theme park. Engaging in both commercial and infrastructure ventures like the Transmilenio, the Metrocable, the Line Tunnel, and the El Dorado Airport, Constructora Bolívar became a leader in the Colombian construction sector.

With over 1,500 direct employees and generating more than 10,000 indirect jobs, Constructora

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