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Optimus Achieves Diamond Level Recognition for Second Year in a Row and Named Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year!

[Doral, Florida, May 16, 2024] - We proudly announce an exciting piece of news! Optimus has received the coveted Diamond Level Recognition, an honor that reflects our tireless devotion to delivering excellence. We stood alone in triumph, becoming the singular partner to achieve this illustrious recognition in the USA and the Caribbean, underscoring our clients' faith in our transformative portfolio.

But wait, there's more! Only two partners in the entire LATAM region have been awarded this honor, and Optimus is one of them. Our unrivaled understanding of the industry and our knack for crafting unique solutions for our clients form the bedrock of our reputation in these territories.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end there! Being named the Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year adds another feather to our cap, catapulting us to supremacy amongst more than 400 esteemed global partners. It's a resounding affirmation of our relentless pursuit to devise revolutionary cloud solutions, aiding businesses throughout their transformation odyssey.

Such esteemed recognitions only serve to fuel our relentless pursuit of excellence further. We yearn to craft more innovative solutions and nurture our relationships with you - our cherished clients. Why not join us in our endeavors and become a part of this success story? After all, each success of ours is a testament to your unwavering support. So, thank you for being a part of our dazzling journey.

We profoundly appreciate our exceptional teams across all territories. Our U.S. team, with their expertise, leads the way. The teams in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Antigua, Curacao, Trinidad, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico consistently employ advanced technologies, facilitating business transformations.

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